Required Documents

The following documents are required from the companies / organizations at:
Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman & KSA*

1. Demand Lettter
2. Interparty Agreement
3. Letter of Guarantee
4. Power of Attorney
5. Employment Agreement Paper

All the 5 documents should be attested from Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Nepal Embassy.

*In case of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Visa Slip (Wakala) is needed in addition to all these documents.

1. Power of Attorney
2. Demand Letter
3. Employment Contract
4. Inter-party Agreement
5. Letter of Appointment to Embassy of Malaysia, Lalitpur, Nepal
6. Letter of Recruitment, Ministry of Labor, Kathmandu, Nepal
7. Letter of Appointment to Embassy of Nepal, Kuala Lampur
8. Affidavit / Sworn Statement

See sample documents here