I am delighted to introduce Mansur Manpower Pvt. Ltd. which is a trusted and faithful name in the field of overseas employment of manpower and human resources. The company runs an efficient network throughout Nepal and capable of recruiting personnel to fulfill the requirement of our valuable overseas employer. Nepal is blessed with abundance of manpower and is in search of exporting its manpower to other countries. Nepal has earned reputation and good name and fame of producing workers who are very dedicated, loyal, honest and hard working and able to get the satisfaction of their employer in their respective field. Mansur Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is capable of fulfilling the requirement of skilled, semi skilled and un-skilled workers for present world labor market within soonest time that is required by any employer.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that, you will find Mansur Manpower Pvt. Ltd. as the best recruiting agent in Nepal whenever you need a qualified and experienced work force for your project. It will be highly appreciated if you please allow us an opportunity to establish a business relationship in future. We are cordially inviting you to see our capability to serve you the best by supplying manpower from Nepal.

Mansur Manpower Pvt. Ltd. thrives for excellence and value while delivering service to our valuable clients. Professional attitude, skilled human resources, and strong client base are our motivation towards achieving success in business. We seek to become one of the market leaders in the Middle-East and other developed countries by providing high quality human resource solution to our clients.

Best Regards,
Saim Mansur
+966-560385171 (Saudi)